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We serve in Marmaris, the most beautiful place in Turkey.


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We have been at your service for 19 years. We are with you with our experienced and expert staff.


We Offer Vacation and Treatment Experience Together.

You can be treated and have a holiday in Marmaris, the most beautiful place in Turkey. Please contact us for our treatment and service bundles.


Latest Technology and Best Price

We offer fast and painless treatment with the latest technology equipment. Turn the exchange rate difference in Turkey into an advantage.

Dişçi ofisi

Our Clinic

We use the latest technological products. With our hygienic environment and our expert staff, we redesign the smile of your dreams for you.

Our treatments

Why perfectsmile?
Correct treatment.

In our polyclinic, we decide on the most suitable treatment method for our patients together with our specialist physicians and we offer you the right treatment method with our most modern devices.

Modern Clinic.

With the highest quality devices and modern medical techniques used, we have become a brand known all over the world by always doubling our quality value.

Patient Satisfaction.

In our polyclinic, which serves in the oral and dental health sector, where responsibility and trust is high, providing quality and satisfaction together constitute the basis of our success.

Perfect Smile Dental Clinic

About Us

Perfect Smile Dental Clinic has been providing professional care and happy smiles to its customers in the dental sector for more than 5 years. Our clinic, located in Marmaris/Armutalan serves dozens of local and foreign tourists coming here from different parts of the world every year.
Providing services in many different areas related to teeth, Perfect Smile Dental Clinic's main services include applications such as Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, Full Veneers, Dental Bridges, Proper Laser Whitening, Gum Contouring, Inlays and Onlays, Tooth Extraction, Root Canal Treatment. In addition, smile design can be made and happy smiles can be captured with Perfect Smile Dental Clinic 
At this point, people who think they need dental surgery or want to have a better aesthetically look and our experts are interviewed and examined individually.

Then, the procedures are performed by choosing the most appropriate treatment method. Here, as Perfect Smile Dental Clinic, the most important issue we pay attention to is to bring a smile to its customers with the right treatment method. In addition, due to our customer satisfaction principles, we take care to make one-to-one detailed meetings with people and to get clear information about what they want.As a Perfect Smile Dental Clinic We will be very happy and grateful to help you.

Our vision
We serve as an oral and dental health centre serving international standards with a focus on patient satisfaction in dentistry diagnosis and treatment methods. Perfect Smile Dental Clinic, Oral and Dental Health Clinic aims to be an institution that constantly develops and renews itself in order to contribute to the dentistry profession, which is remembered for its good work in the future without compromising scientific conscience and ethical values with its young, dynamic, friendly physicians and staff.
Our Perfect Smile Dental Clinic also;
Contributes to the development of oral and dental health practices with its education and research studies,
Providing the best diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental diseases by using all the possibilities of modern dentistry,
Providing our patients with quality oral and dental care without compromising ethical principles, respecting patient rights,
To ensure the development and training of specialist physicians by providing the necessary support to all employees
Considering environmental health and prioritizing preventive health services, providing a humanistic working environment,
Aims to become the leading Oral and Dental Health Application and Research Centre at national and international level.
With Perfect Smile DentalClinic, you can reach the oral and dental care you need within the framework of a quality service understanding in the most accurate way. To get detailed information about the appointment and treatment process, contact us immediately and provide a one-on-one meeting with our experts.



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  • We Are At Your Service With Our Expert And Experienced Staff.

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Protecting you, your patients and your practice's financial viability is our driving focus in these difficult times. The reopening of practices across the UK has not undone the financial impact of the crisis on many businesses. We continue to campaign at a national and regional level on issues such as ventilation funding and PPE.

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Our Address

Armutalan, Yaylali center, Yunus Nadi Cd. D:no: 1, 48706 Marmaris/Muğla
perfectsmile48@gmail.com \\ Tel: +905395806182

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Monday – Friday  9AM – 7PM

Saturday - Sunday   9AM – 7PM