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E.MAX Elite White Mono Full Veneer

E.Max full dental veneers are among the most frequently used veneers to cover tooth defects that turn yellow over time and occur as a result of various dental traumas.

Emax full dental veneer is also a part of smile design aesthetics. It can beautify the structure, color and appearance of the teeth with the most natural methods.

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Whats different between E.Max & Zirconium veneers?

Both E.Max as zirconium are aesthetic dentistry applications. The light transmittance of E.Max is higher than it is as zirconium. E.Max provide a more natural and aesthetic appearance. If there is more than one tooth missing, Zirconium bridge prostheses are applied because E.Max bridge prostheses can not be applied due to their fragility.

How long do E.Max veneers last?

Emax veneers usually last at least 15 years if you well take care of them. That includes flossing and brushing every day. After that time, patients usually ask for them to be changed, purely for cosmetic reasons.

Our Dentists will answer your common Questions about E.Max full Veneers.

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